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When superstars get put in their place!?!?! (HA!)

We love it! One of the best things we love seeing is when celebrities think they’re too famous to be touched, then they get a wake up call!

In this case… the “famous person” that got “faced” was the overnight celebrity himself Jamie Foxx

Next thing you know Foxx is in a headlock, then it moves outside & the cops show up (Ok so we heard Jaime was kicked out of the club… was he? We’re confused)

Wanna see the video!?



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via Us Magazine

HAHAHAHA… It’s about time someone kicked him!

There’s nothing else we can say, but check out the video… ENJOY!

After the incident, Usher said he got a “kick” out of the experience! In the meantime…

“In all my years, this is one of the most interesting experiences. I got a kick out of it!… It looked worse than it actually was. My audience and I got a good laugh.”
– Usher, Us Magazine

As for the lady who kicked Mr Raymond, word is she felt realllly bad (YEAH RIGHT!)


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