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Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images

YUP!  Amy Adams has officially been cast as the “new” Lois Lane for the upcoming Superman film!!!

Set for a December 2012 release… Amy will be joining Henry Cavill, playing Clark Kent, in the comic book movie tentatively entitled Superman: Man of Steel

Diane Lane & Kevin Costner also make appearances in the film as Clark’s adopted parents Martha & Jonathan Kent.

Who can’t wait to see this film!?  (We hope its good)


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That’s right “The Man of Steel” is back and he has a new face!

According to Reuters… “British actor Henry Vacill, will finally get to don Superman’s cape in the new Man of Steel movie, its distributor said on Sunday, almost a decade after he failed to make the cut for the previous film.”

Now why does this guy look so familiar?  Probably because you’ve seen him on HBO’s “The Tudors”

That’s pretty much all we know about Vacill

What we are certain of is that the new installment of the man in the red cape will be released in December 2012 (We’ve heard that before!)

No title has been announced…

From the movie “300”, Zack Snyder will be directing (So we kinda get a feel for how it may look)

We just hope the movie does the comic book character justice (FINGERS CROSSED)

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