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Maybe it was the pressure… maybe it was her nerves…

Well whatever it was Christina Aguilera still “F’d UP” (hahaha)

Prolly the most nerve racking thing to do as a singer is sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of billions & billions of people across the country (All eyes on you… and ears)

Plain & simple Christina messed up the lyrics:

“Singing the tune live, Aguilera, 30, was three lines into her rendition when she sang the words “what so proudly we watched” instead of the correct lyrics, “o’er the ramparts we watched.”
Us Magazine

Oh yea & for the record… Aguilera held that last note for 10 seconds (WHO WINS!?)


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With the Super Bowl upon us it seems like everyone is getting ready for the big game… and we mean EVERYONE!

Lea Michelle aka “Rachel Berry” will be joining Christiana Aguilera as singers for the event in Cowboys Stadium

Christina will be singing the national anthem… and Lea will be belting out “America The Beautiful” (Looks like “Glee” is coming up!)

MAN!!! 1st “Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy” at the Golden Globes and now the Super Bowl… who knows what’s next for the cast? GQ? (wait, they did that already)

Congrats Lea!


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via Access Hollywood

It’s not as bad as you think… (DON’T WORRY)

Unfortunately, members of the Glee cast have come down w/ the case of tonsilitis & according to a rep for 20th Century Fox the taping of the post-Super Bowl episode has been canceled!

Dianna Agron who plays “Quin Fabray” & Kevin McHale who plays “Artie Abrams” seem to be 2 Glee cast members who have definitely come down w/ the illness

Fans do stress because taping for the post-Super Bowl episode will continue!

Read more about the sick Glee cast:

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