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Could there be another GIRL in John Mayer’s life?

Well if the rumors are true, then Miley Cyrus & John Mayer are definitely hooking up!!! (WHAT!?)

According to, the 2 were seen at the recent Grammy’s chummin’ it up!

“Miley Cyrus and John Mayer are hooking up… they got touchy-feely behind the scenes in L.A. during Grammys weekend!”

Hmm… I wonder how daddy would feel about this?

John is notorious for reeling in the women, and if these were rumors are true then he definitely has cast a spell on Hannah Montana!

Word is… Cyrus was following Mayer around a pre-Grammy party “like a puppy dog” (RUFF!!!)

Shoot there’s even an eyewitness that claims the two even KISSED!!! (RUFF-RUFF!)

Check out the full story in detail on:


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When superstars get put in their place!?!?! (HA!)

We love it! One of the best things we love seeing is when celebrities think they’re too famous to be touched, then they get a wake up call!

In this case… the “famous person” that got “faced” was the overnight celebrity himself Jamie Foxx

Next thing you know Foxx is in a headlock, then it moves outside & the cops show up (Ok so we heard Jaime was kicked out of the club… was he? We’re confused)

Wanna see the video!?



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WOTS… the charges against Mr West & the photographer he beat up have been dropped!

According to TMZ… Kanye & his lawyer presented evidence that he had completed 50 hours of community service w/ the Red Cross.

Charged w/ vandalism, battery & grand theft… the judge that handled the case in October stated that if the rapper could show proof that he has served 50 hours of community service, the case would be dismissed  (IS IT REALLY THAT EASY!?)

One of these days I wanna see a rapper (or actor) do community service just because he/she wants to!!!

You think that’s possible?

Tune in to the Grammy’s this Sunday… “Yeezy” is up for 6 AWARDS  (we hope he’s not drinkin. HA!!!)

HERE’S Kanye when we rrreaallllly liked him.  ENJOY!

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