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Ladies will be happy to know that Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel have OFFICIALLY broken up!

According to Us Magazine, after 4 years of being together it seems like the rumors of the 2 splitting finally came true

“Addressing the media speculation regarding Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s relationship, we are confirming that they mutually have decided to part ways. The two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other.”
Us Magazine

Now we haven’t heard anything as far as the reason’s for the break up, but what we do know is that the decision was mutual

Hmm… I wonder if Mila Kunis had anything to do with this? (just asking)

Anyhow, in honor of the break up here’s some eye candy for everyone… (YOU’RE WELCOME GUYS!)


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Could a musical collaboration between artist Cee Lo Green & actress Gwyneth Paltrow?

According to Access Hollywood they just might be hooking up! (WOW!!!)

“We’re actually working on something… We’ve been considering a few things actually. It’s a little too early to commit to a statement and I won’t ruin the surprise because whatever we’re going to do is going to be extra cool”
– Cee Lo, E! News

It seems that after Gwyneth’s cover of “F#ck You” on Glee was aired, the actress TURNING singer has caught the eye of the “music world” (CONGRATS!)

I guess we’ll have to wait & see if the Cee Lo / Paltrow collabo actually comes to surface


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via Access Hollywood

Don’t you hate it when celebs think they’re way too famous to follow the rules… OR THE LAW!?!? (we do!)

Well this time former Las Vegas star Josh Duhamel went a little too far & got his ass kicked off the plane!!! (HA!)

According to OMG Yahoo… the actor was “escorted from a plane in New York City after he ignored repeated requests by an airline staff member to turn off his BlackBerry device”

Get off your phone!!! (I hate it when people think they’re just too good)

Read more about the DUMB-ASS at:


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If your in Dallas for the fight this weekend, then you don’t wanna miss this!

The Kracker Nuttz, Club Garahe & TEAM PACQUIAO SOUTH present “THE TEXAS TAILGATE”

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Cowboy’s Stadium: LOT-10 (Randoll Road)

Before the main event… check out THE MAIN EVENT!

drinks, food, ice, meat, grills, plates, tables, chairs, buns, utensils, condiments, etc…

Let’s go MANNY!!!

For more info:


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DJ’s here are your details for the battle…

The competition will be broken up into 3 DIFFERENT ROUNDS with each DJ performing 3 MINUTE ROUTINES.

  1. Prelims  (3 minute routine)
  2. Semi-Finals  (3 minute routine)
  3. Finals  (3 minute routine)

The elimination process is as follows:

  • (Depending on how many DJ’s enter) TOP DJ’s from the “Prelims” will advance into the “Semi-Final” round.
  • Only the TOP 2 DJ’s from the “Semi-FInal” round will advance into the “Final”.
  • The last 2 remaining DJ’s in the “Finals” will go head to head and battle it out with one being crowned “The 2010 Kracker Nuttz Anniv DJ Battle Champ”

DJ’s entering the battle must pay a fee of $20 that will be put into a “pot” where the “WINNER TAKES ALL” and more…


DJ routines in every round will be judged on 4 things, with each criteria holding a different level of importance in the judging scale.

  1. Creativity  –  30%
  2. Technical Skill  –  30%
  3. Difficulty  –  30%
  4. Stage Presence  –  10%


Here are the guidelines for DJ’s that want to participate.

  1. DJ’s are ONLY allowed to use Serato or real vinyl  (video or CD’s will not be available)
  2. DJ’s must bring their own needles, headphones, laptop, slip-mats, and/or records/control vinyl
  3. DJ’s will be provided with and will compete on:  (2) Technic 1200 turntables, and a Rane 56/57 mixer (No other equipment is allowed or will be provided)
  4. DJ’s are not allowed to repeat routines from earlier rounds.
  5. DJ’s entering the battle MUST PAY A FEE OF $20
  6. In case of a tie-breaker, the DJ battle goes to a “Scratch Off”.  DJ’s will scratch for a minute & a half, then be judged to determine who wins the tie.


DJ’s interested in competing in the battle can sign up at the venue on the day of the event no later than 5p:  TUES, NOVEMBER 23 @ UNION BAR (2708 Bagby)


Sign up by email:

** Rules for The Kracker Nuttz Anniv DJ Battle are subject to change **

For more info:


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The Kracker Nuttz, Mixxwell & Union Bar present “KN12YR ANNIV”

This is a 3 day event that DJ’s DO NOT want to miss!!!  Here are the details…

DAY 1: Monday, November 22, 2010

  • “DJ WORKSHOP” @ Mixwell Audiolab (1550 Westheimer)
    12p – 2p
    An introduction to the school & to DJing
    *Open to the public*
  • “SCRATCH SESSION” @ Mixwell Audiolab (1550 Westheimer)
    7p – 9p
    Scratch with the Kracker Nuttz & some of their friends
    *Open to the public*

DAY 2: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

  • “DJ FORUM” @ Union Bar & Lounge (2708 Bagby)
    4p – 5p
    A discussion about issues effecting the DJ
    *Open to the public*
  • “DJ BATTLE” @ Union Bar & Lounge (2708 Bagby)
    6p – 8p
    A battle between DJ’s from around the city testing their skills.  There is NO 2nd or 3rd place… the winner takes it ALL!
    To sign up or for more info email:
    *Open to the public*

DAY 3: Weds, November 24, 2010

  • “THE KN12YR ANNIV PARTY” @ Union Bar & Lounge (2708 Bagby)
    10p – 2a

DJ Baby Jae (Kracker Nuttz / Bumsquad DJz)
King ElRoy Boogie (Kracker Nuttz)
DJ KleanCutt (Kracker Nuttz / Bumsquad DJz)

House, Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock & Soul…

$2 Tecate
$2 Lone Star
$3 Bud / Bud Light
$3 Wells / Well Shots


For more info:


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Now how come we’re just finding out about this now?  Hmm… Has it been that long?  Well regardless… thanks to our good friend Sais Yero we’ve been informed that the winner of this battle will represent HOUSTON for the battle in Detroit (to be judged by Eminem)!

So good luck to all the “ILL” MC’s… and I hope Houston end up sending the right person. **ahem** (I HOPE)

** This Thursday, August 12, 2010 @ Numbers (300 Westheimer) **

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