Founded by two brothers who shared the vision of integrating culture into their music and entertainment. DJ KleanCutt and DJ Baby Jae introduced the Kracker Nuttz to the city of Houston and it’s community in 1998. Their passion for turntables and music soon became a strong bond that was eventually felt by friends, family, and also the community who danced and enjoyed listening to their vivid and creative mixes.

Realizing their potential in the music industry, the size of the Kracker Nuttz organization grew in just six months with the addition of long time friend and radio veteran DJ Ron EG. Soon after, the trio made their way onto the airwaves djing for a number of radio stations then finally landing a gig on the historically acclaimed “97.9 the BOX”. The KNuttz hit the Houston scene in full force; incorporating their turntables, tricks, and scratches into all of their radio mixes. Together, the three easily accumulated over 10 years of experience in radio and promotions. The Kracker Nuttz have also made a number of guest appearances for shows and special events, and are constantly asked to DJ in some of the top venues in Houston and its neighboring cities and states. The industry has defnitely taken a notice to the group’s crazy antics, skills and talents. As a matter of fact, in the past the KNuttz have been honored to entertain events such as the premiere party for the 2000 film “X-Men” in New York City, the Import Expo Show hosted by M&N Entertainment in 2000 and 2001, R Kelly’s “Best Of Both Worlds” After Party, and openning for legendary rap groups De La Soul, Common, and the Pharcyde to name a few…

With the Kracker Nuttz every aspect of entertainment is covered; everything from radio to the club, back to competing in DJ Battles or hosting parties, to producing and remixing, and down to hands-on, face-to-face street promotions. Together, these three strong individuals intend on leaving an impression that the music industry can never forget, whether it’s through their music or simply because of their name… the Kracker Nuttz “ALL UP IN YOUR MOUTH!”


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