So who’s gonna join Simon Cowell on his new show The X Factor?

According to TV Guide, Island Def Jam chairman Antonio “L.A.” Reid will be sitting at the judges table!!! (WOW!)

So what about his current J-O-B?

From what we heard since his contract w/ Universal Music expires in December “L.A” will leave his position early & join The X Factor cast for it’s debut in September

Who else is jumping on the bandwagon?

Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey, Nicole Scherzinger and George Michael are also rumored to be in contention to round out the four-person judges’ table.”
– Natalie Abrams, TV Guide

Paula huh? (We wouldn’t be surprised…)

As far as the “Ryan Seacrest” position… *ahem* We mean hosting position, there are rumors floating around that Enrique Iglesias has been approached (PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BE TRUE!)

The last thing we wanna see is “the king” of the douche bags on stage trying to be funny.  (Feel me?)

So who do you wanna see involved w/ the show?


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