We dunno what’s goin on w/ Chris Brown & Rihanna, but there sure is a lot of nudity involved!

1st Rihanna had her nude pictures leaked from her cell phone & now Chris has joined in all the fun

According to International Business Times, a picture of Brown standing in front of a bathroom in his “birthday suit” hit the internet on Friday (March 4).

From what we know, the picture taken from his IPhone & was sent to one of his “EX’s”

Chris Brown can’t get a break can he?

Of course if you follow Brown on Twitter you know he had to comment about the recent scandal…

“WTF!!! Here we go!!!”

“Another day!! Another lesson! Another party!! I’m so thankful to have the support of my fans and my music! Love.”

– Chris Brown, Twitter

Chris goes on to tweet about his situation & the irony of all the bad press that’s coming out now that his album is dropping in a few days

Speaking of which… “F.A.M.E.” drops March 22nd


One Response to “NUDE PHOTOS?”

  1. japan is in a crisis right now

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