Finally someone has stood up & said “NO MORE”… Funny thing is, it took 3 young girls under 12 years old to do it!!!

According to, 3 young girls ages 10, 9, and 5 wrote a letter to Lil Wayne asking him “People say, ‘Say no to drugs,’ so tell me Sir who should I trust. You or them?'” (GOOD QUESTION!)

Wow!!!  I wonder how he felt when he read the letter  (if he even read it)

There has been no response from Weezy OR anyone from his camp/entourage

Believe it or not, the girls are being criticized by other people (I guess fans of Wayne) saying that they are just too young & don’t understand

WHAT’S DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND?  Wayne wants to rock your girl in his bed & he’s openly on the “purple stuff”

Whatever your opinion is on the situation, we probably should be asking ourselves if there is a problem or not (and why we never stood up & said anything).

Check out the entire story of the 3 young ladies & their letter to Lil Wayne at Entertainment Gather


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