Well not quite… (But there are rumors)

Access Hollywood asks the question: “Is Cy Waits making an honest woman out of Paris Hilton?”

We say… “NO!” Don’t believe the hype! The 2 have barely been goin out for a year & now they’re talking bout maybe spending their lives together? (yeah right)

“This is once in a lifetime… I want to be with him forever.”
– Paris Hilton,

Cy & the Hilton heiress have recently been spotted in NY shopping for rings, but never found or purchased any (maybe that’s a good thing!)

What they did leave the store w/ was a $25,000 black diamond-encrusted ring for her 30th birthday!

I guess as long as Paris continues to get pampered by her current man, there won’t be need for another.

We’ll just have to wait & see if these two actually make it down the isle to the alter.

In the mean time… read more about Paris & Cy’s hopes of getting hitched on


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