So Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey are having a baby… even when they were denying the reports we all knew they were prego! (DUH!)

What we didn’t know was how pregnant they were!!!

According to Access Hollywood, the Mariah & Nick are having a boy… AND A GIRL! (we didn’t see that coming)

Word is, Nick stopped by the Access Hollywood Live studios and revealed that they were having twins

Not only that… but the 1st people to find out about the news was President Obama & the 1st Lady

Now ain’t that some Sh!t (hahahah)

We didn’t know they were “IN” like that with the 1st Family (must be nice)

“That was my wife. She was like, ‘Wouldn’t that be a great story to be able to share with our children — that the first people to know that they were gonna be people was the President and First Lady… So she told them at the same time.”
– Nick Cannon, Access Hollywood Live

I guess congrats in all sort of ways!? (HA!)

We’re not quite sure when Mr & Mrs Carey will be expecting their new additions, but as soon as they do we’ll let you know!


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