DJ’s here are your details for the battle…

The competition will be broken up into 3 DIFFERENT ROUNDS with each DJ performing 3 MINUTE ROUTINES.

  1. Prelims  (3 minute routine)
  2. Semi-Finals  (3 minute routine)
  3. Finals  (3 minute routine)

The elimination process is as follows:

  • (Depending on how many DJ’s enter) TOP DJ’s from the “Prelims” will advance into the “Semi-Final” round.
  • Only the TOP 2 DJ’s from the “Semi-FInal” round will advance into the “Final”.
  • The last 2 remaining DJ’s in the “Finals” will go head to head and battle it out with one being crowned “The 2010 Kracker Nuttz Anniv DJ Battle Champ”

DJ’s entering the battle must pay a fee of $20 that will be put into a “pot” where the “WINNER TAKES ALL” and more…


DJ routines in every round will be judged on 4 things, with each criteria holding a different level of importance in the judging scale.

  1. Creativity  –  30%
  2. Technical Skill  –  30%
  3. Difficulty  –  30%
  4. Stage Presence  –  10%


Here are the guidelines for DJ’s that want to participate.

  1. DJ’s are ONLY allowed to use Serato or real vinyl  (video or CD’s will not be available)
  2. DJ’s must bring their own needles, headphones, laptop, slip-mats, and/or records/control vinyl
  3. DJ’s will be provided with and will compete on:  (2) Technic 1200 turntables, and a Rane 56/57 mixer (No other equipment is allowed or will be provided)
  4. DJ’s are not allowed to repeat routines from earlier rounds.
  5. DJ’s entering the battle MUST PAY A FEE OF $20
  6. In case of a tie-breaker, the DJ battle goes to a “Scratch Off”.  DJ’s will scratch for a minute & a half, then be judged to determine who wins the tie.


DJ’s interested in competing in the battle can sign up at the venue on the day of the event no later than 5p:  TUES, NOVEMBER 23 @ UNION BAR (2708 Bagby)


Sign up by email:

** Rules for The Kracker Nuttz Anniv DJ Battle are subject to change **

For more info:



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