We always knew that the day would come when we would have to get off the ride we called “The Box”… Hey nothing lasts forever right!?

We just didn’t know that the day would come sooner than later… Well to be honest, we actually did know it would come sooner.

Seems strange to say, but things for us at the station hadn’t been the same (or at least what it used to be) for a very long time…

Regardless, we have enjoyed entertaining your airwaves for over 12+ years & we want to thank everyone of you who tuned in.  For all the times we felt like giving up on “corporate/commercial” radio & quitting… YOU were the only reason why we stayed.  We felt like we owed it to YOU… the voice, the fan, or the listener who was never properly represented.

To the person who wanted to hear Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Wu, Jay Electronica, Gnarls Barkley, Blackalicious, Talib, J.Cole, Wale, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Guru, etc… If we weren’t on the air playing YOUR favorite songs, then who else would do it!???  NO ONE!!!

So we did… and because of our loyalty to you (and especially GOOD music), we put our neck on the line not worrying bout the consequences that may come.  That’s who we were!  F’THAT!  That’s who we are!!!  We were those DJ’s on the Box that didn’t care if we got in trouble or not… the last of a dying breed in this industry of robots, and we enjoyed every minute of it!!!

But all that’s over now (at least for a little while)… and we look forward to what other things may happen for “The Kracker Nuttz”.  We promise YOU that we won’t be gone forever.  As long as there is GOOD music to play, we’ll be here to PLAY IT!!!

On behalf of the 3 Kracker Nuttz that were at 97.9 (DJ KleanCutt, DJ Ron E.G. and DJ Baby Jae)… we want to THANK YOU for supporting us & allowing us to reign over the Box airwaves these many years!  YOU made it worth it!!!

Till the next time we see you (or the next station we sign on to)…

ALWAYS SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC!!!  And don’t let the station insult YOU by telling YOU what YOU want to hear!

“We were The Kracker Nuttz before 97.9… and we will ALWAYS be The Kracker Nuttz after 97.9” – DJ KleanCutt


  1. wow…… it was just 2days ago i applauded baby jae for playing dub step on 97.9 …. 1st of a rare kind. please keep us in formed on whats happening next… and if there any battles or bboy events, i hope to see yall

  2. Very well put.

    We love you guys… Ta DEF!!

    MAN!! Who’s gonna play REAL hip-hop now???

    ‘Been down for you three for over 15 years now. Can’t wait to see you continue to grow and flourish in this crazy industry. Those of you who stay true to yourselves and the “cause” will be there in the very end…. SHINING!!

    A chapter has ended and the new one is about to start.

    Exciting… Isn’t it??

    Mad love/respect

    The Sosa’s/The Gray’s

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  4. Bobby Phats Says:

    This is some bulljive, man!!! Good luck to y’all. Whatever y’all decide to do, it’ll be dope. Peace and blessings.

    Bobby Phats/KPFT

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  6. Let me tell ya’ll something. Ya’ll did it the way the people wanted it. Its about the people listening to the radio, not about the people running the station (who dont even listen to the station) from behind their corporate desks. I’ve been there, and fuq that, but what I can tell you guys is the world knows who you are and your value to society and the people who love your personalities and music. The music industry loves the krackernuttz and someone out there is dying to have you on their team/radio as soon as possible. Ya’ll set the standard for a market that this city didnt even know existed till yall came around.

    Love Live The Krackernuttz,
    Dj Taboo

  7. Much love to you guys for keeping REAL hip hop alive!

  8. Thai Spice Asian Gourmet Says:

    We will miss you! Thanks for giving us a reason to listen to radio. Let me know when ya’ll get back on the air. Till we jam again…

  9. KRACKER NUTTZ were the box! now its an empty box!

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by C_Emuchay: RT @kracker_nuttz: **NEW BLOG POST** HOUSTON IT’S BEEN A GREAT RIDE… THANK YOU! https://krackernuttz.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/houston-its-been-a-great-ride/

  11. Hey guys, i would love to interview you guys the genuine tip….Meanwhile Im going to repost this on my website blazendastreets.com

  12. Hey guys Thank You for all your battles to keep good music for the people. Now radio will effing sux with you gone. I have madd respect for your move. This is why artist in Houston stay in Houston no support team from radio to blast off from home! very sad,,, DAMN u Clearchannel & every station program director that wants to be like clearchannel BORING-ness. Quit force feeding us bullcheese! Quit playing Peekaboo games with us we are not babies. Play some effing HIPHOP 97.9 not this Disney-hop of today.

  13. Every story has an ending and every ending is a new beginning. Thank you for the laughs, and the great music and old school jams, look forward to hearing you guys soon.
    Much love Alexia

  14. God works in His ways! There are bigger and better things out there for y’all! They can’t stop, won’t stop, they way y’all ROCK!!! My prayers are with you all for the next chapter of your lives!!! Me, I will Always be a fan…following the tunes y’all play!! God Bless!!!

  15. I’ve known these cats before the Kracker Nuttz name came around! Watchin’ them grow mad skills throughout the years really show how committed and dedicated they are to the culture of Hip-Hop. I know bigger and better things will be coming your way so here’s props and much respect to y’all! Thanks for making “that station” worth listening to for a few years and now onto another level where you can really play what you wanna play and we wanna hear… real Hip-Hop! Maybe we can also get back into B-Boying… hahaha..

    elementQuattro brand clothing

  16. Much Luv and respect to you guys it was a pleasure

  17. lol how does houston’s #1 hip hop station get rid of houston’s #1 DJ (Baby Jae)? today is a day that will live in infamy.

  18. whoa mama Says:

    man this sucks yall were the best thing about 97.9!!!! Can’t wait to see where yall go next!

  19. Dude, Houston rocks. I always loved coming back home from Dallas to the land I was raised because I could hear music in great variety. Dallas sucks at doing what you guys done for so long.

    I wish you guys continued success in the future and if 97.9 is reduced to the crap they play out here in Dallas, I will listen to Sports Talk Radio when I get to Houston, too.

    Stay up Nuttz

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  21. I just want The Nuttz to kno that I love u guys no matter what. I will not let others dictate wat I listen to which is why i loved listening to the time slot of U. I am glad that you guys stuck to your convictions, as I am glad that Trae tha Truth said what he had to say when the incident was being blamed on him. If the 1st amendment is supposed to apply to everone then why is it that when something is said and one is offended they have the power to control wat I listen to? Im good on 97.9….i will miss u guys and I kno u are going to blow up tha spot where ever yall go! Much love and RESPECT….

  22. I know better and bigger things will come your way. So be ready. THE BOX just made a huge MISTAKE and if they call you to come back, Make them PAY for it. Good Luck.

  23. Well I’m gone really miss you guys I listen 2 y’all 5 days a week. And y’all truly will be miss. GOD BLESS!!! DON’T STOP DA GRIND…

  24. I’m still shocked at wat happened…much respect to all yall have done..

  25. You guys were the reason I tuned in to that station at all.you guys have helped push me in my djing by how you guys played on that station.i know great things will come for you guys

  26. Joe Dirt Says:

    There’s always work at the post office or McDonalds

  27. DJ David Cruz Says:

    Big ups to the Krackernuttz!!!!! You guys were the only reason I listened to the Box so I dont have to hear all that soulja boy b***sh** now i have no reason to even listen in!! LOVE & RESPECT Homeboys!

  28. I’m not familiar with the record that was played. What is the controversey surrounding it?

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  30. I will always support you guys and I thank you for bringing something different to Houston radio. If you’re fired because of a fight against the mechanical industry, it is what it is. Continue to fight the power bros… Much success and love 🙂

  31. htownsown Says:

    what is up with the box?i dont get it…u ban one of houstons most charitable mcs for sum bs..then u fire ur best mcs for standing up for what they believe in?wtf?

  32. love you guys always

  33. You guys were the only reason i listened to the radio…..F*%! 9.79, bad decision on their part! Whatever you do next im listening!!

  34. zinc mondayo Says:

    mannnnnnnn houston radio pd’s & md’s have always sucked i lived there for 6 yrs and they do a very poor job in support of the thousands of artist they have round there, i live in naptown now but without callin names there r plenty artist hotter then the stations in houston those guys out there are living good off their music without radio so that should be proof but u got ms kathy hues on all the airwaves talkin bout how we should help radio stay alive and try to throw in the fact that local artist want have a place shut they dont now as u can see with this issue see wut we all have fell to realize or probably didnt know is radio is for the people these corperations just renting so if u want change in radio in your city contact your congress person or write to the fcc. Go head you vote to keep radio alive but why should we so they can continue to do this type of stuff hmmmmmm i could go deeper into this (payola) but it would take up half te blog so i hope radio gets better in the mean time were keep hearing the same stuff so i suggest we all switch to online radio so i know with how phones & internet is becoming avail anywhere we will see u kracker nizzzzzuts soon! peace out zinc!

  35. Senor McShovinstuff Says:

    Hey, why don’t you guys fall back on your education? What did you get degrees in?

  36. As a fan, I must say that it is a sad time in Houston radio for ya’ll to leave the air so quickly. Your show was the one I, and cohorts, looked forward to hearing the most. We appreciated the breadth of genres and sub-genres played on the Nuttz shows. The Saturday Night Special kept me awake on countless nights coming from clubs, gigs, or just late night hype. Even if it’s for a short time, the presence ya’ll have established will be missed. Pleases feed the streets through your podcasts and this site. I, along with my whole crew Tech-Sons DJ Squad, wish ya’ll the best.

    DJ Tantrum

  37. You will always be number one in my heart. Now you can focus on other project…like world domination and fighting vampires.

  38. shea samuel Says:

    I think 97.9 sucks, and for peopel to assume that someone started a shooting and say its their fault is wrong. I’m glad u guys stood up for what u think is right. Never back down, even if its a job.

  39. You guys were the ONLY entertaining part of KBXX after they started getting all pretentious. If they want people for supporting music that is actually GOOD, then they are idiots! i wish y’all well in the future

  40. ****MAN FUCK 97.9 , NewHouston™ Its A Movement And The Kracker Nuttz Just Gave It The Motivation It Needed. It’s Time For Real Music And Talent To Be Heard And Most Of It Comes From Houston Anyway.

  41. […] job? This tells us all of the state of the industry. Here is the link to read the message from the Krackernuttz […]

  42. My man Grant from Simply Complicated Apparel told me to get at u while I was in Houston for the IFest a week ago…wanted to send u some music to check out…Sorry to hear that you’re going thru the same radio problems we go thru in New Orleans…

  43. Good luck KNUTTZ..hope to hear you on the airwaves real soon.

  44. Hanzomon Says:

    Y’all were the only reason why I listened to radio. Y’all have done a great job and wish you great success in the future.

  45. Just saying to ya’ll, that you are real djs and you kept the skill level high. A door has closed but a bigger one will open. The best of luck and God Bless!

  46. I love reading this and hearing what you think

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