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We always knew that the day would come when we would have to get off the ride we called “The Box”… Hey nothing lasts forever right!?

We just didn’t know that the day would come sooner than later… Well to be honest, we actually did know it would come sooner.

Seems strange to say, but things for us at the station hadn’t been the same (or at least what it used to be) for a very long time…

Regardless, we have enjoyed entertaining your airwaves for over 12+ years & we want to thank everyone of you who tuned in.  For all the times we felt like giving up on “corporate/commercial” radio & quitting… YOU were the only reason why we stayed.  We felt like we owed it to YOU… the voice, the fan, or the listener who was never properly represented.

To the person who wanted to hear Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Wu, Jay Electronica, Gnarls Barkley, Blackalicious, Talib, J.Cole, Wale, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Guru, etc… If we weren’t on the air playing YOUR favorite songs, then who else would do it!???  NO ONE!!!

So we did… and because of our loyalty to you (and especially GOOD music), we put our neck on the line not worrying bout the consequences that may come.  That’s who we were!  F’THAT!  That’s who we are!!!  We were those DJ’s on the Box that didn’t care if we got in trouble or not… the last of a dying breed in this industry of robots, and we enjoyed every minute of it!!!

But all that’s over now (at least for a little while)… and we look forward to what other things may happen for “The Kracker Nuttz”.  We promise YOU that we won’t be gone forever.  As long as there is GOOD music to play, we’ll be here to PLAY IT!!!

On behalf of the 3 Kracker Nuttz that were at 97.9 (DJ KleanCutt, DJ Ron E.G. and DJ Baby Jae)… we want to THANK YOU for supporting us & allowing us to reign over the Box airwaves these many years!  YOU made it worth it!!!

Till the next time we see you (or the next station we sign on to)…

ALWAYS SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC!!!  And don’t let the station insult YOU by telling YOU what YOU want to hear!

“We were The Kracker Nuttz before 97.9… and we will ALWAYS be The Kracker Nuttz after 97.9” – DJ KleanCutt

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