So who is the Houston native Tila Tequila makin moves on now!?

WOTS… Tila & former B2K(er) Raz B have teamed up & are hoping to make some good music together  (we’ll see bout this)

NO they’re not smashin (at least from what we know)… But they are workin on a couple of projects

Word is Tila Tequila has started her own record label/management company and has taken Raz B as her 1st artist!!!  (whoa!)

“The reason why I am doing all this is to prepare for when my baby comes I did this ALL FOR MY CHILDREN AND NOT FOR MYSELF… I wanted to make SURE, that when I have a baby, that It would be a time where I wouldn’t have to work so much or worry about income and raise my children. yes it will be hard to be a single mother raising all of these kids by myself, but it’s so worth it.”
– Tila Tequila, GlobalGrind.com

WOW… this girl has sure been busy!  From smashin the Game & claiming that she’s having his baby to starting Little Miss Trendsetter Management LLC and Tila Tequila Records

REAL TALK… is she even qualified for any of these positions?  (oh well)

No release date has been announced for Raz’s debut



One Response to “TEQUILA + A FORMER B2K(er) = ?”

  1. check out my music tila im your next big superstar for your label i want you to be my manager check out http://www.myspace.com/youngtrevsolopage i wont let you down misplaced is a hit single call me at 757-235-8743

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