WOTS… a new cast member has been added to the long awaited film “The Green Lantern”

Guess who it is?  BLAKE LIVELY!!!!

That’s right!  According to The Hollywood Reporter,  Ms. “Gossip Girl” will be taking on the role of Carol Ferris the love interest of the Green Lantern (who by the way is being played by actor Ryan Reynolds)

Another name who we’re hoping to see on the Green Lantern roster is rapper turned actor Common…

He was announced to be in the movie bout a year or so ago, BUT we haven’t heard anything else since then (fingers crossed)

The Green Lantern SHOULD be ready for release (not this year) June 2011… DAMN!!! (do we really have to wait that long?)

I guess till then we’ll just have to watch “Gossip Girl”  (HA!)


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