Ok… so by the time this gets to you it’ll prolly be too late.  You’ll prolly have the worst HANGOVER you ever had (of course you will… it’s New Years day!!!)

Well if you’re lucky, you’ll check this out before New Years Eve & you’ll be ready (or is there really such thing as being lucky the day after???)

Regardless… we decided to post up a couple HANGOVER CURES that we either know bout OR found online

Check it out.  Happy New Year!!  And happy drinking!!!

  • H20  –  drink plenty of it (before bed & when you wake up!)
  • Crunch & Munch  –  we don’t know bout this one… but we found this on AskMen.com
  • Coffee  –  has this worked for you?
  • Ginger Ale  –  they say it soothes your stomach (so does Sprite!)
  • Juice  –  the question is “what kind of juice?” (V8 always works for me)
  • Gatorade  –  yes… I use this in combination w/ V8 (not @ the same time!)
  • Honey  –  really?
  • Toast  –  bread… soak up all that alcohol
  • Fruit  –  vitamins & energy… something your body needs to replenish
  • Pills  –  I heard that there’s a Alka Seltzer hangover pill… true!? (please let me know!)
  • Wash Cloth  –  keep a cold compress on your head
  • Sleep  –  yes! (I know it works for me)
  • MORE ALCOHOL  –  it works… only if you can stand the smell or sight of alcohol the next day

So what works for you?  Can you add to the list or do you see things on the list that shouldn’t be?  (Please let us know)


One Response to “HANGOVER CURES…”

  1. How snappy can someone start to witness the results from utilizing it?

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