Now I’ll admit Mayweather, Jr is a good BOXER… but the guys really has to be careful when it comes to things he says.  He has to start REMEMBERING what he said!!!

Ok so the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight is over… guess who’s come forward & started flapping his lips?  FLOYD!!!

This guy!  This guy is hilarious… so he calls out Manny for saying “talk to my promoter” when he was asked if the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight would be next… This guy is saying Manny is ducking by saying “talk to my promoter”!!! (ARE YOU SERIOUS!?)

Floyd Mayweather, Jr must have forgot that in an interview w/ Brian Kenny… HE SAID THE SAME DAMN THING when HE was asked why isn’t he fighting PACQUIAO!!! And this interview was in MAY!  (what a dumbass)

DON’T BELIEVE ME!?  Check out the video & fast forward to the 3:00 minute mark…

NOW check out the video where Floyd disses Manny for saying the same thing he pretty much just got done saying!!!



3 Responses to “THIS GUY… WHAT A JOKE”

  1. Good article. Exposing Mayweather for who he really is… a coward and a joke! A disgrace to boxing.

  2. mayweather is a well condition boxer but someone needs to shut him the fuck up, he talk to much….

  3. What a douchebag! I hate that fool.

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