WE WANNA GO!!!!  hahahaha

Freals tho… looks like not everyone is excited about Ms Bootylicious performin in their city (or even country!)

WOTS… Bout 100 Muslims in Egypt are protesting Beyonce’s trip & performance to the Red Sea Resort of Port Ghalib

1st there was drama in Malaysia… NOW in Egypt (can you believe it!?)

Well according to the Muslims… they wrote a letter to some officials, and it said…

“Why are you encouraging this insolent sex party?… You are accused of disturbing social peace and stability, encouraging vice and debauchery… “I do not know who agreed to this sinful, unacceptable advertisement, or indeed who agreed to these blatant sex parties”
–  letter from the Muslim Brotherhood

Not all the Egyptians feel the same way… as a matter of fact, the shows promoter (who happens to be Muslim) has words to say also

“We are Muslims too… this will not stop Egypt from hosting an award-winning, first-class artist. We should salute her instead of criticizing her”
– Ahmed Beltagi, the shows promoter

WOW!  Beyonce’s got a whole country in an uproar… NOW THAT’S A DIVA!


One Response to “BEYONCE’S SEX PARTY!!!!!”

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