THIS JUST IN… “Lil Wayne will be forced to plead out to a jail term in New York City on Thursday.” – AllHipHop.com

According to KN sources… Weezy will be accepting an 8 month bid in the slammer for his involvement in a gun charge that took place in ’07 (Weezy was supposedly on the bus in NY where the cops found a loaded .40-caliber pistol)

Word is the rapper is “going to plead guilty”… AND could face 15 yrs in jail

WOW!!! So YOU’RE favorite rapper might be goin away… We’ll have to just wait & see what happens tomorrow

“If he doesn’t plead, he goes to jail for a long time… They told him that if he doesn’t plead tomorrow, it will go to trial and the he faces a far longer jail time”
– AllHipHop.com

Is he guilty!?  Well apparently there’s just enough DNA evidence on the gun to prove that he might be…

WAYNE FANATICS you better start praying for him!  It doesn’t look good…


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