Apparently Beyonce might have to pump the brakes on her new fragrance line!

As we told you earlier… the singer just inked a deal to come out w/ her own perfume which would drop sometime in 2010

BUTTTT if Ambercrombie & Fitch has anything to do w/ it… Beyonce will be calling her new line something else

Word is… the clothing line has sued “Mrs Jay Z” on the grounds that her soon to be fragrance “Sasha Fierce”… “poses a likelihood of confusion” for their brand called “Fierce” (a line they’ve been successful w/ since ’02)

To avoid any confusion, Ambercrombie & Fitch hopes to stop “potential trademark infringement, unfair competition and deceptive trade practices”

In B’s defense… her people have stated that they have no (or ever had) any intention on naming the singers fragrance line “Fierce” or even “Sasha Fierce”… UH HUH!?

We’ll believe it when we see it in 2010!

HMMM… I wonder what Beyonce’s smell will be called!?


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