Ok so by now you’ve heard & read the headlines about Chris Brown & his response to Oprah’s neglect to invite him on her show after the Rihanna beat down

I’ve been trying to stay neutral & not even really blog about this… BUT damn my head is hurting!

Is this guy for real??? A slap in the face?!?

That’s how he feels about not being able to go on Oprah’s show and defend himself.  Really are you serious?  I don’t even know what else to type!

First off… the episode on Oprah was dedicated to “all the Rihanna’s in the world”… for every person out there who has been physically abused & faced domestic violence.

Now I can understand some people out there not liking Rihanna because you don’t like her as an artist, but you cannot condone that a man struck a female!

To keep this short (before I get on my soap box)… what’s wack is that Chris is making this an issue about himself when it’s clear that the Oprah episode was about something bigger… DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! (not Chris Brown & Rihanna)


Their business is their business… I just had to get this off my chest before my head exploded.

Find out more on how Oprah responded to Chris Brown’s facing slapping incident HERE


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