Are you serious?  Well we’ll have to wait & see if Mr Dana White is!

WOTS… former Green & White Power Ranger Jason David Frank will be making his MMA debut w/ Sucker Punch Entertainment

The actor, turned wanna be Kimbo Slice, is a 6th degree black belt in karate.  According to KN sources… he was inducted into the “World Karate Union Hall Of Fame” in 2003

In the end, Jason’s ultimate goal is to be an ultimate fighter for the UFC

He says… “Just to go out there and do my best, and prove that I’m a real fighter…”

Now if you ask me… unless your Lyoto Machida, I’m not really sure how far his karate/acting skills will get him to his UFC dreams

Good luck to you!!!  And keep your dreams alive!

Read more about it HERE


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