Ok so I finally got to see this weeks episode of ABDC and I’ve come to a conclusion…

I honestly think that this season is a perfect example of the network & its producers/writers/”whoever the idiot is” blatantly swaying your vote.

In my opinion, they’ve made it obvious that the winner should be “Rhythm City”… they’ve surrounded this dance crew w/ a bunch of crews that couldn’t even hold a candle to any of the past seasons worst crews… Feel me?

For the past 3 seasons the West has really “showed out” & it seems like MTV has rigged this season so that this years winner has to come from the East!

Now don’t get me wrong… “”Rhythm City” is pretty clean… by far the best crew. But I refuse to believe that the other crews selected for the show were the best that MTV could find in their respective regions for ABDC 4

Has the show lost it’s clout? Has ABDC fallen victim to what many in the music game say the music has fallen victim to… CORPORATE AMERICA!??

I think so!  So I say vote for who they’ve set up to lose!

Shooot… the way things seem to be going, I wouldn’t be surprised if the final round is between AfroBorike & Vogue Evolution…

I can’t wait for SYTYCD to come back!!!


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